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We Carry The Largest Selection of LED Signs and Neon Signs For Sale at Low Prices.

Want more customers to your business? Well, who doesn't, try adding a neon sign, or a LED sign and let people know some of the services or niches that your business caters to. We have thousands of cheap neon signs for sale. Using LED signage or neon signage will let people know some of the services your business provides. For example using a "Happy Hour" neon or LED sign will let people know that your restaurant has happy hour deals, or using a "1-Day Service" Neon or LED sign will let customers know that you offer express service, without those attractive Neon/LED signs they would have never known and you would have missed out on that customer. Also, Neon and LED signs are a great way to get the attention of people who are driving and cannot focus on anything for more than a second or two. sells only high quality LED and Neon signs. By using one of our low priced signs it will help you grab customer attention. We are sure that you will love our neon signage and LED signage, but if not you can always create a custom Neon or LED sign. We take pride in the quality of our signs and services. is the company you can trust because that is what we strive for. Remember at LED Neon Sign Store, all of our signs include free shipping to the 48 contiguous states.
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We can design you a Custom LED Sign or a Custom Neon Sign anyway you want it.

And your custom sign will always be at a low price and comes with free shipping to the contiguous U.S
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Restaurant Sign
resturant, food, service Restaurant Neon Sign
20"H x 37"L x 3"D
Price: $391
Sushi Sign
sushi, japanese food Sushi Neon Sign
20"H x 37"L x 3"D
Price: $418
Take Out Sign
take out, food, restaurant Take Out Neon Sign
20"H x 37"L x 3"D
Price: $372
Yogurt Sign
Yogurt, food, ice cream Yogurt Neon Sign
20"H x 37"L x 3"D
Price: $392
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Neon Signs Vs LED Signs
One of the best benefits of LED signs is that they consume very little power. On average it only needs about one-ninth the wattage for a similar light output to an comparable neon sign. The fact the LED signs consume such low power makes them cool to the touch, unlike neon signs. LED signs require a small amount of energy, which in turn will save you money on energy cost when compared to neon signs. Lighting accounts for nearly 1/3 of the United States energy budget, with a large amount of that coming from old non energy efficient neon lights. Using an LED sign or LED banner can attract people to your business without using too much energy. Moreover, LED lights last much longer than traditional bulbs, saving you money and lowering waste in our environment.

A big advantage from LED over Neon lights is how flexible they are. LED technology caters to a wide range of devices, from the little light bulb on the back of your cell phone to the world's largest LED TV at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. On the other hand, neon signs tend to be more limited due to is far more limited due to many reasons.

- Neon is obtainable in several colors but they cannot change colors as you might have seen with some LED Christmas lights. LED lights that can be programmed are now available and are used from the average mom and pop store to billion dollar buildings.

- Neon signs are not recommend where there is no free-flowing air because they run hotter than LED Signs. But Neon signs tend to be brighter.

In summary, A LED sign will require less money and time to maintain. Neon signs will gradually lose the neon inside the glass tubes while LEDs dim at a much slower rate. The Neon bulb is constructed of thin glass tubes, making them fragile and requiring extra padding when shipped. The main benefit of using a neon sign or banner over a LED sign is that the Neon sign will usually be a bit brighter.
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