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How to Use This Sign?
Description: Tacos Neon Sign is 24 inch x 10 inch x 3 inch. Tacos Neon Sign feature multi-colored design. Want to attract attention and send a Tacos Neon Sign message? Want to get a point for your business? Your business needs stylish announcements. This Tacos Neon Sign will make your business more noticable. Tacos Neon Sign will be the step up to attract customers and visitors. In the very competiative environment, billboards, and painted signs are no longer grabbing enough attentions for your business. An animated or flashing Tacos Neon Sign might take care of that.
Regular Price: $278
On Sale: $139
Size: 24"H x 10"L x 3"D
Item Code: 12166
Category: Business Signs
This is an indoor sign. To upgrade it to an outdoor, please use upgrade option listed below.
Notes/Special Instruction:
Add Flash for INDOOR:
Change Backing:
Upgrade To Outdoor:
Change Color:
For Indoor Signs
Brand New Real Glass Tube Neon Signs
  • Sign is mounted on a unbreakable Black or clear plastic backing
  • Four sides bend protective box.
  • 110 volt U.L. 2161 listed transformers that plug into a standard outlet
  • Cool Quiet Energy Efficient - Uses Less Power than Standard 60 watt bulb
  • Easy Install, hanging hardware & chain are included
  • 6' Power cord with standard transformers
  • 1 Year Warranty on electrical components & transformers
If you choose to upgrade to OUTDOOR signs:
  • Neon is mounted on aluminum backing paint w/ black paint, Outdoor Neon Signs cannot change backing color. It will be black only.
  • Clear plastic protective front cover
  • Waterproof resistant 110 volt UL listed transformers ready to be hard wired
  • Easy Install hardware & chain are included
  • All neon material use as UL Requested.
  • Sign requires electrician to install.
  • 1 Year Warranty on electrical components & transformers.
Did you know we can custom make this sign anyway you want it? Most of the time, price will not change. Give us a call 1-888-876-8758

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